How to use Pitchsmart.Online

STEP 1 – Create account

Navigate to Pitchsmart.Online and click on 'Create an account'

STEP 2 - Personal information

Fill in the form with your details and create a unique PIN and Password. Select the the currency you would like your account in and click 'Create account'.

STEP 3 – Verify your email address

Click on the link within the email verification sent to you. We recommend to add Pitchsmart.Online to your contacts to prevent email alerts going in your spam/junk folder.

STEP 4 – Account preferences

Select your account notification preferences. This allows you to choose what automatic email notifications you will receive.

STEP 5 – Register to site

Click on 'Sites' on top line. Enter the Site code sent to you from the site and click 'Register'. This registers you to the site and allows you to add services at this site.

STEP 6Add credit

Add credit using a debit or credit card via the secure worldpay platform.

STEP 7 – Add service

Click on 'Dashboard' at the top of the page. Enter the service id as displayed on the socket, this should be format UK M000 01001 (Country Code , Site ID , Service Number) and click 'Add service'.

This will show you the service details page indicating the service's tariff and current status. If you are happy to add this service click 'Add this service' else click 'Cancel'.

You will now be redirected back to the dashboard where you can turn the service on and off as well as view the service's status. If you caravan was already connected to the service then the service would be automatically turned on, if it was not already connected please click 'ON' once you have done so.

STEP 8 – Account details

Click on 'Account' on the top of the page and note your unique account number and PIN code as created in registration. Here you can change your personal information as well as set your notification prefrences.

STEP 9 - Keypad Pedestals

To use a pedestal with a keypad you will need your unique account number, PIN code and last 5 digits of your chosen service id. Enter the information as requested on the keypad and control your existing services power state.

Thats it! You are now up and running.  

Useful Information

You need the PIN to turn on your serive at any pedestal with a keypad, so keep this safe.

The Password is used for managing your account online.

The Account currency can only be set once so any site you use the cost to use the service will appear in your selected currency.

Pitchsmart.Online and the site accept no responsibility for power outages resulting from insufficient credit. To prevent this we recommend turning on the Low credit email.

Worldpay use the registered address of your payment card, remember this may not be where you are registered as residents.

Benefits of Pitchsmart.Online

You can control and view the satus of your service from anywhere around the world on any web enabled device.

Add more than one service from more than one site with all your services using only the one pot of credit.

If your service has cable detection, if your caravan is unplugged then the service will be powered off and can only be powered on via your account preventing anyone unauthorised running up a bill.

If your service has RCBO detection and you have enabled the RCBO tripped notification, Pitchsmart.Online will alert you and prompt you to reset the RCBO and power back on your service.

If you have enabled the low credit notification, Pitchsmart.Online will notify you when your credit gets to a amount set by you letting you know you need to topup your account.

If you have enabled the auto top-up function, Pitchsmart.Online will top up your account automatically with an amount set by you when your credit reaches a low amount also set by you meaning your account balance will never be low.

Bethmaster.Online allows you to view your usage on any service that you have or have had on any site you you have visited with Pitchsmart.Online meaning you can see exactly how much consumption you have used and how much it has cost you.

Contact Information

For any help please contact Pitchsmart.Online on +44 1295 231515 or email us at

For refunds please send a email to from the email registered to your account.

Alternatively call in or contact your site office.